• 20042
  • IB-138SK-B-II



    SATA aluminium mobil rack

    This mobile rack is being connected to the mainboard via SATA. The aluminium material as well as the fan in the front provide excellent cooling to the HDD inside. Additionally a circular blue LED in the front inform regarding HDD activity.

    - SATA to SATA interface
    - Plug & Play and Hot Swap
    - 2x Power connector (4pin and 15pin)
    - Compact construction (188 mm deep)
    - Antidust panel
    - All aluminium material
    - Front cooling fan
    - Keylock as power switch
    - Black
    Model Information  
    Model IB-138SK-B-II
    Article No. 20042
    Brand ICY BOX
    EAN code  
    Basic Information  
    Material Aluminium
    Color Black
    Trayless Yes
    HDD Size 3.5"
    HDD Interface SATA I/II/III
    HDD Height Up to 25.4 mm
    HDD Capacity Unlimited
    Space needed 1x 5.25" Bay
    Technical Information  
    Host Interface SATA
    Fan 40x40x10 mm
    LED Power on and HDD access (Device Activity Signal)
    Power supply 2x Power connector (4pin and 15pin)
    Lock Keylock as power switch
    Power Button Keylock as power switch
    HotSwap Supported
    EasySwap Supported
    Plug & Play Supported
    Logistical Data  
    Packing unit 20 pcs./carton
    Packing content IB-138SK-B-II, 2x keys, 4x srews for HDD,
    8x screws for U-frame, 1x HDD access cable,
    1x SATA cable (with latchable connectors)
    Net weight 0.80 kg
    Gross weight (inc. packing) 0.85 kg
    Total weight 18.0 kg/carton
    Dimension / carton 420x330x265 mm
    Dimension (incl. packing) 155x45x195 mm
    Dimension from article 146x42x188 mm
    Country of origin China
    Import tax 84733090