• 16802
  • IB-166SSK-B



    Trayless Mobil Rack for 3.5" SATA/SAS HDD

    This trayless mobile rack is designed for fast and frequent changes of the hard disc drives.
    Its remarkable NSS mechanism (NSS = no scratch SATA) makes more than 50,000 HDD changes possible.
    That means, given around 5 HDD changes per workday you can use this rack at least 50 years.

    - Super fast HDD installation without tray
    - Supports all 3.5" SATA HDDs in a 5.25" bay
    - Rubber cushion to avoid vibration and noise
    - Aluminium and stainless steel
    - NSS (No-Scratch SATA) connector >50.000 times Hot Swap
    - Key lock to prevent improper operation
    - Fanless design, no noise
    Model Information  
    Model IB-166SSK-B
    Article No. 16802
    Brand ICY BOX
    EAN code 4250078161028
    Basic Information  
    Material Aluminium
    Color Black
    Trayless Yes
    HDD Size 3.5"
    HDD Interface 1x 3.5 SAS/SATA III
    HDD Height Up to 25.4 mm
    HDD Capacity Unlimited
    Space needed 1x 5.25" Bay
    Technical Information  
    Host Interface 1x SATA III 6 Gbit/s
    Fan Fanless design
    LED Power on and HDD access (Device Activity Signal)
    Power supply 1x 15pin SATA power
    Lock Included
    Power Button No
    HotSwap Supported
    EasySwap Supported
    Plug & Play Supported
    Logistical Data  
    Packing unit 20 pcs./carton
    Packing content IB-166SSK-B, 1x SATA data cable with security clips, 2x key, 4x screws
    Net weight 0.301 kg
    Gross weight (inc. packing) 0.435 kg
    Total weight 9.6 kg/carton
    Dimension / carton 435x340x300 mm
    Dimension (incl. packing) 227x155x50 mm
    Dimension from article 185x147x41 mm
    Country of origin China
    Import tax 84733080