• 28036
  • KSK-6231 INEL



    Waterproof silicone keyboard with touchpad and backlight

    The KSK-6231INEL is an ergonomically designed silicone coated keyboard with 98 keys a multi-finger touchpad. The KSK-6231INEL has an excellent tactile feedback and is waterproof to IP68 norm and can therefore even be immersed in liquids.
    The surface of the KSK-6231INEL has been treated with a special coating and therefore has a good mechanical and chemical resistance so that you can work with standard disinfectants and the keys print will not fade. Additionally the keys can be backlit in order to use the keyboard in dark environments.
    The integrated touchpad enables the use of the KSK-6231INEL without any external, additional mouse. This is both a cost and a practical advantage, due to the fact that the touchpad is easy to operate correctly both with and without rubber gloves. Considering from an economic and hygienic point of view, the KeySonic keyboard is the correct choice.

    Resistant to:
    Alkaline materials · Alcohol · Bleach · Blood · Disinfectant · Vibrations · Humidity · Heat · Cold · Corrosive agent · Solvent · Salt water · Sand · Acid · Abrasive · Dirt · Dust · Water

    - Antimicrobial silicone protection
    - 100% Waterproof and spillproof
    - Dishwasher safe guaranteed
    - UV-reinforced printing - fade resistent
    - Only 390 x 148 x 10 mm
    - Optionally available in white
    Model Information  
    Model KSK-6231 INEL
    Article No. 28036
    Brand KeySonic
    EAN code 4250078186922
    Basic Information  
    Construction Soft-Touch membrane technology
    Material Plastic and silicone rubber
    Key Count 98 keys
    + Multi finger Touchpad
    Colour Black; (white)
    Layout German / English
    Technical Information  
    Max. degree of protection IP68
    Interface USB 2.0
    Cable length 180 cm
    Life expectancy Approx. 2 million (per key
    Operating Environment  
    Operating temperatur 0° C to +70° C
    Operating humidity 100 %
    Storing temperatur -25° C to +80° C
    Storing humidity 100 %
    Logistical Data  
    Dimension of article 390 x 148 x 10 mm
    Dimension of color box 430 x 210 x 34 mm
    Net weight 690 g
    Gross weight (+Color box) 790 g
    Packing unit 10 pieces